Autism and Behavioral Resource Center

Early detection and treatment are connected with dramatic success.

What is Applied Behavior Analysis?

Through Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) it is believed that behavior can be changed. We do this by teaching new skills, changing the setting, and replacing current behaviors with new behaviors. The purpose of ABA is to teach in a way the learner can remember the skill and perform the skill on their own. Our goal is to help learners to do things on their own.

Criteria for Services Individuals must:

  • Live in Shiawassee County

  • Be between the ages of 0-21 years

  • Receive Medicaid

  • Have been found eligibility for the benefit after ADOS (Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule) Assessment

SHW can help with

The ABA service provides evidence based practices and/or plans that are directed to grow the skills of a child with ASD in:

  • Daily Living Activities

  • Communication

  • Higher Reasoning roles

  • Personal Relationships

  • Learning Readiness

  • Motor skills

  • Play

  • Self-Regulation


SHW has a network of Autism Providers both center and home based that are available to Medicaid-covered children under 21 years of age and meet qualifications by the State of Michigan for eligibility. Your Case Coordinator will assist you in selecting a provider and getting started with a Skills Assessment by a board certified professional.

Referrals are accepted from physicians and early childhood mental health professionals properly trained in autism diagnosis and treatment.

Family Support Subsidy Program

The Family Support Subsidy (FSS) is a community-based, family-centered support service that makes it possible for children with developmental disabilities to remain with and to return to their birth or adoptive families. The subsidy provides a monthly payment ($229.31) that the family must spend on special needs that occur as a result of caring for a child with a severe disability at home. Shiawassee County families can apply for the subsidy by contacting Laura Stephen at (989) 723-0732.

The Family Support Subsidy brochures provide more details about the program and eligibility requirements and are in both English and Spanish. For English version, click here, and for Spanish version, click here.