Corporate Compliance

Shiawassee Health and Wellness is committed to using good faith efforts to comply with applicable health care laws and regulations. In order to ensure that appropriate legal business standards and practices are maintained and enforced throughout the organization, SHW has implemented a Corporate Compliance Program.

The Corporate Compliance Program (CCP) ensures the integrity of the system in which SHW operates. It is preserved and maintained within a culture driven by the highest level of business and professional excellence. The SHW CCP adheres to conduct compliant with federal, state, and local laws, the promotion of good corporate citizenship and prevention and early detection of misconduct.

By promoting transparency, accountability, and adherence to legal requirements, the SHW CCP helps reduce the misuse of federal funds which allows SHW to continue to provide high-quality mental health services to our community.

To report concerns regarding fraud or abuse, please contact:

SHW Corporate Compliance
Hotline: 989-723-0750
Fax: 989-723-0740


Mid-State Health Network Corporate Compliance
Hotline: 1-844-793-1288
Fax: 517-574-4093