DJ Root Recycling

  • Please separate all recycling (cardboard broken down, magazines with magazines, newspapers with newspapers, books with books, office paper with office paper, junk mail, etc.)

  • Please put all paper shredding in a bag, separate from other recycling items. We do not shred junk mail, please separate from papers to be shredded.

  • Please do not mix shredded paper with shredded magazines (glossy) or shredded newspapers.

  • Please NO pizza boxes, donut or pastry boxes or food contaminated containers.

  • No masks, Kleenex tissues or hygiene products.

  • We can only accept products that have not been exposed to the outdoor elements, e.g., rain, snow, etc

  • DJ Root Recycling may close in winter months when there is inclement weather. Please check our SHW Facebook page for updates.

NOTE: If customers would like to have their personal information shredded, we do offer a letter of destruction. The letter details the date of the information that has been shredded. This letter will be sent via mail to the customer so they have it for their records.

Call the DJ Root Recycling Center: (989) 723-0843

We accept the following material

  • Greeting Cards

  • File folders

  • Mail & envelope

  • Receipts

  • Cardboard (torn down)

  • Phone books

  • Magazines

  • White copy paper

  • Colored paper

  • CPO-Green Bar & Laser

  • Hard cover textbooks

  • Booklets/brochures

  • Pamphlets

  • Newspapers

  • Secure and non-secure paper only

  • Shredding

  • Paper bags

  • Pre-shredded paper in bags only


Frequently Asked Questions

Jessica Maurer

Recycling Center Community Liaison


Phone: 989-723-0892

Cell: 989-721-9921

A few steps will take place when you start care at SHW.

  • Cardboard

  • Newspaper

  • Magazines

  • Colored Paper

  • Telephone Books

  • White Copy Paper

The DJ Root Recycling Center offers services for paper shredding and recycling cardboard. If you have a business, we can pick up your materials by using a secure, locked recycling container.

For over a decade, the DJ Root Recycling Center has helped more than 300 businesses and families become green. With the generous support of Shiawassee County community members, we have been able to recycle over 1 million pounds, which is over 8,500 trees!

The DJ Root Recycling Center has more than 20 individuals with a disability and are paid at least minimum wage. A wide-range of jobs are offered, depending on skill level. Some jobs include picking up materials and loading it into a box truck, sorting and shredding materials, and baling/preparing material to be loaded and shipped.

The DJ Root Recycling Center is a Vocational Rehabilitation Program that prepares individuals for future employment in competitive community settings. Consumers learn about safety, teamwork, communication, time management as well as hand-and-eye coordination.

Notice: The last day to drop off newspapers at VG’s parking lot in Owosso will be Friday, November 17th 2023 at 4:00 p.m.

Please note, we do accept newspaper/paper materials at our DJ Root Recycling Center located at Shiawassee Heath & Wellness


Reach out to or Jessica Maurer at (989) 723-0892