Integrated Dual Disorder Treatment

Integrated Dual Disorder

Integrated Dual Disorder Treatment (IDDT) helps people who have a serious mental illness and who have a serious substance use diagnosis. Through the treatment, it is hoped that people will live independently in their community. The IDDT team will offer help that looks at all symptoms at the same time. The team may also help with community assistance that is needed to reach your goals.

The Benefits of IDDT

The IDDT program helps to build trust between you and your family or caregiver to reach the best results for you. A team of people, including your case manager, psychiatrist, nurse, substance abuse specialist, and therapist will be available to help you. All parts of your life will be talked over with you to see what your needs are, including:

  • Employment
  • Medication
  • Housing
  • Substance use issues
  • Physical and mental health symptoms
  • Legal and court involvements
  • Relationships
  • Daily routine and free time

Steps For IDDT Services

1. Getting Started – Treatment will be given based on when you are ready for personal change.

2. Services Offered – Help will be available to you at all steps of your treatment, including case management, psychiatric services, nursing services, substance abuse counseling, mental health counseling, help with finding and keeping employment and housing.

3. Meeting Location – Meetings will take place at your home, in the community, or where you choose.

4. Coaching – The IDDT team will provide help with setting your goals and help you see change and success. It will also help you identify what keeps you from reaching your goals.

5. Substance Use Counseling – IDDT will teach how to remain in recovery, skills to live by, and identifying triggers and ways to keep from having a setback.

  • Read steps 6-10
Read steps 6-10

6. Group Treatment – Based on where you are in your treatment, groups will provide a chance to share experiences, learn from each other, and develop a peer support network.

7. Supports Training – Programs taught will connect you with family members and caregivers with shared support in order to learn about symptoms of mental illness and substance abuse, medication, treatment, and any challenges you face. Training may also be given to you one-on-one.

8. Alcohol and Drug Self-Help Groups – The IDDT Team will talk with you about meeting with self-help groups in the community. These groups provide a chance for helping to achieve and remain alcohol and drug-free.

9. Treatment with Medication – A psychiatrist trained in dual disorders may suggest medications that not only treat symptoms of mental illness but also reduce addictive behaviors and use of potentially addictive medications. Both the psychiatrist and nursing staff will provide information about medications.

10. Promote Better Health – IDDT Team members will work with the doctors and promote healthy lifestyles through exercise and healthy eating.

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