Employment & Skill Building

What Is The Employment & Skill Building Program?

The Shiawassee Health & Wellness (SHW) Employment & Skill Building (ESB) Program offers a variety of vocational and supportive employment services for adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities. It provides an opportunity to learn and build skills to live and work independently as well as enhance one’s self-worth. These activities focus on the needs and goals identified in the individual’s Plan of Service. Additionally, our team offers activities in the community to promote inclusion, interaction, learn social skills, and engage in activities that focus on independent living and self-care skills.

  • How Can Someone Get Started In The Program?
  • What Else Can I Learn About Employment and Skill Building Services?
  • What Opportunities Does The ESB Program Offer?
How Can Someone Get Started In The Program?

After meeting with your Case Coordinator, you will begin your Person Centered Plan where you talk about your hopes, dreams, and goals that you would like to work toward. This Person Centered Plan is the foundation of your treatment and will be updated yearly, or more often as needed. Your Case Coordinator will work closely with you in order to ensure your objectives are at the center of your treatment.

What Else Can I Learn About Employment and Skill Building Services?

Our trained, dedicated staff provides hands-on guidance and training to people with intellectual/developmental disabilities. Our goal is to enrich independence and self-worth. With the support, individuals can learn to become ready for future competitive employment and/or a vital part of their local community.

We offer an opportunity for employment at SHW through the DJ Root Recycling Center, Main Street Café, and Lawn Care & Snow Removal crew.

What Opportunities Does The ESB Program Offer?

Full-time staff hold a variety of trainings to help individuals gain many different skills. Examples include cooking, shopping, gardening, yoga, swimming, job readiness, and more.

Program Benefits

The ESB Program may help with:

  • Life skills
  • Job readiness skills
  • On-the-job coaching and mentoring
  • Socialization development
  • Money management
  • Safety skill development
  • Self-management skills

Community Involvement

We provide you with the ability to choose and control your life direction and to experience community involvement. We do this through activities such as volunteering, working out at local gyms, and collecting and recycling products from local businesses, just to name a few.

Growth Opportunities

Participants may build skills through the DJ Root Recycling Center, Main Street Café, or with the Lawn Care & Snow Removal Program. This provides an opportunity for on-the-job training from SHW staff. Positions will depend on skill level.

To be involved in these growth opportunities, please talk to your Case Coordinator.

DJ Root Recycling Center

The Center offers free recycling for Shiawassee County residents. The service provides secure paper shredding and recycling.

Main Street Café

The Café offers consumers the opportunity to build cooking, meal planning, and money exchange skills.

Lawn Care and Snow Removal Program

This program allows participants to build skills in lawn care maintenance as well as provide a community service.

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