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As a part of our contract with the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, every two years Shiawassee Health and Wellness (SHW) is required to complete a community needs assessment.  The assessment process is aimed at identifying emerging and changing needs within each county—needs that are consistent with the goals of the public mental health system.

Over the years, the needs assessment and the way the information has been collected has taken many forms.  Considering the impact that COVID has had on our community and the state, this year SHW has decided to use an on-line survey format to reach out to the community and those partners who provide supports and services in Shiawassee County.   We feel this is the safest and most efficient way to collect the information needed.

Using the information received from survey respondents as well as other resources, SHW is tasked with identifying at least five (5) needs consistent with our role in the community; along with reasons the agency feels these needs are a priority.  SHW is also required to develop a plan of action to address each of the identified needs over the next two (2) years.

Your feedback is valuable to this effort.  Thank you for taking the time to offer feedback and suggestions.

Here is the survey link:

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